MediBid offers a platform by which doctors, hospitals, or surgery centers bid on employer sponsored health plans and direct pay patients, on either a global or individual basis, for medical procedures based on known variables, not unlike an RFQ.

MediBid also works with employer groups offering cost savings by way of Defined Reimbursement Health Plans. Defined Reimbursement Health Plans waive cost sharing therefor paying 100% of the employee’s medical expenses on a prompt pay basis.

The Bidding Process

Bid request is made

Bid is accepted

Bidder submits bid

Appointment is set

Bid and bidder's profile reviewed

Prompt payment for procedure


  • Steerage to your practice if a bid falls within a plan’s allowable as there is no cost sharing for the employee
  • Reduction in Accounts Receivable eliminating the administrative burdens and overhead associated with billing
  • Increase in Cash Flow/Net Profits
  • Direct access to Employer Groups and Cash Patients across the Unites States
  • Expanded Patient Market as 85% of individuals submitting bids requests are willing to travel for medical care

MediBid’s clients are just as concerned with quality as they are price and have on numerous occasions accepted the highest bid because there were other quality measures that appealed to them.

Defined Reimbursement Health Plans are open access allowing employees to choose medical providers based on the values that mean most to them. If they prefer the highest bidder and the bid price is above their allowable, they can pay that difference.

If a bid does fall within a plan’s allowable, cost sharing by the employee is waived thereby paying 100% of the employee’s medical expenses on a prompt pay basis, and in many cases, employers will even cover travel expenses.

Direct pay patients typically provide cash payment up front for desired medical care.

Product Pricing and Details

MediBid Physician Premium Profile: $249.99 per year or $24.99 per month

  • Displays credentials and other desired details
  • Can bid on requests in four medical categories
  • Provides ability to view all open requests in the four medical categories selected
  • An unlimited number bids can be submitted per year to requests made under selected medical categories
  • Automatic bid submittal option for static pricing
  • Ability to link to participating facility profiles when provided the facility key code

Implementation and Account Management

All registration is done online. A profile is set up highlighting your education, training, specialties, and quality outcomes. MediBid will train designated individuals on bidding process and bid optimization. MediBid will have an account executive available to all registrants to help with training, profile management, and the bidding process.


You (or individual you designate) are to complete MediBid online registration and profile creation either by gathering required fields of information and entering themselves or by providing information to MediBid. If you plan on linking with a participating facility profile, you will need their “key” code.


After registration has been completed, MediBid will verify all information entered is correct and complies with MediBid’s terms and conditions.


An individual is to be designated to submit bids to requests and/or enter pricing information into auto-bid.

Interested in linking to physicians registered on MediBid?