MediBid offers a platform by which individuals seeking medical care are matched with high quality doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, and other medical professionals around the world who will offer transparent, competitive pricing on medical care.

Who benefits from using MediBid to find medical care?

Self-pay patients

Those with high deductibles

Individuals looking for medical care not covered their insurance plan

Members of a faith based medical cost sharing groups

Employees utilizing self-funded employer health plans

How much could I possibly save?

$100 + requests such as imaging and diagnostics

$1,000 +  on simple procedures such as colonoscopies (even with travel expenses)

$10,000 + for major surgical requests

For faith based medical cost sharing group members – If enough is saved, your personal share is waived and travel expenses might be covered

Employees under a Defined Reimbursement Health Plan – if you choose a bid price that falls within your plan’s allowable, 100% of your medical care will be paid for by the plan. In addition, some employers will include a travel allowance.


How It Works

Create Your Profile

Create your own userID and password.  Answer a few profile and basic health questions (height, weight, allergies, etc). Don’t forget to save your userID and password!

Create a Request

You can post a request for a specific need – hernia repair, hip replacement, colonoscopy,  MRI, cataract surgery, a simple yearly physical or more. If you have a health problem but no diagnosis, you can ask for a consultation with a specialist.  You will answer simple questions and give concise details and medical history.  You can upload up to five images or documents for the doctor to review.

Bid Request Fees

In order to make your request available for the providers to bid on, there is a $100 fee per medical request. There are no refunds on request fees.


You may review the physicians and facilities that match your request by clicking on “Search Bidders for your Request”  on your “My Requests” page.  You can request a bid from those particular doctors you like or just wait for doctors to bid on your request.  You will soon see true affordable, transparent cash pricing from physicians and facilities.  You can also review their profile for things like Board Certifications or specialties.  MediBid is not just about finding the lowest price.  It’s about having a choice.  Find a doctor, surgeon or facility that is right for you.

Accept a Bid

When you see a physician or facility that is right for you, click “Accept this Bid”.  You will receive the contact information for the bidder promptly.  They will be provided with yours as well.  Now that you have a phone number, you can contact them to schedule an appointment.  You will have an upfront price from the doctor or facility based on your unique needs which means you can spend a lot less time on the phone.  It’s completely private and secure.  Once you choose your doctor, the relationship is directly between you and the doctor.  You will pay the doctor directly after you make the decision to use him/her.


Make an appointment with the specialist and pay the provider at the time of your service.  You already know what the cost of your treatment or visit will cost ahead of time so, you can walk in confident that you will see a great doctor at the best value for their service.  Any modifications to bids for additional services would be between both you and the provider.

How will I know if I will be receiving quality medical care?

For each bid submitted, you will have a profile you can view that includes doctor’s education, training, board credentials, specialties and medical license number (appears after bid acceptance). Facilities include images, quality measures, and list physicians with their credentials as above.

Learn how MediBid can reduce healthcare costs for your organization.