A profile has been started for you. Your User ID is the member number on your benefits card and the Password is your birthday (ex: 01151965 for Jan 15, 1965). Call 888.855.MEDI or email info@medibid.com for help.

As part of your SEMMA membership, you will have access to MediBid.com, a platform by which individuals seeking medical care are matched with high quality doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, and other medical professions around the world who will offer transparent, competitive pricing on medical care.

What does this mean to you?

For Shared Medical Expenses

If your bid price falls within your plan’s allowable, and the decision is made to accept, pending approval by your church’s SEMMA representative and SEMMA administration:
        i.      95% of your medical care will be paid for by SEMMA after you have met your IPR
                   (initial patient responsibility). 
        ii.     In addition, your travel expenses will be reimbursed for distances traveled over 100
                   miles from your home to approved providers.
        iii.    Remember – The lower your overall costs, the lower your out of pocket expenses for
                   your case will be. 
Additionally, a lower cost of care translates into lower cost of dues.

How much can I save?

$100+ on requests such as imaging and diagnostics

$1,000+ on simple procedures such as colonoscopies (even with travel expenses)

$10,000+ for major surgical requests

How do I use MediBid?

Step 1: Make sure your profile is accurate and fill in missing information

You can change your password at this time. MediBid does not share or sell any information on the site. In addition, Doctors and medical facilities cannot see any identifying information until you accept a bid.

Step 2: Submit a medical request for yourself or family member

You define the parameters of medical care you want to receive, such as how far you are willing to travel (if at all) or what the maximum is that you are willing to pay.

Helpful Hint: Uploading x-rays, pictures, and diagnostic notes (you can black out identifying information) increases medical providers’ ability to give you a competitive bid.

Family Member Requests: The option for submitting a request for a family member is at the bottom of the request form. Once you have selected their relation to you, a drop down asks you their general health questions.

Step 3: See the bid price, what the price includes, and bidder profiles

Determine value for your healthcare dollar by reviewing each physician’s price, as well as their education, training, experience, and other credentials.

Step 4: Accept a bid

You will receive an email confirmation including the winning Bidder’s contact and licensing information. This allows you to confirm that this is the medical facility or doctor for you, as well as schedule an appointment.

Step 5: Payment

If the bid you accepted falls within the plan’s allowable: 100% of your medical expenses will be paid for. In some cases, you will also receive a travel allowance.

If the bid you accept is more than the allowable: You pay the difference directly to the medical provider.

If the bid you accept is for an uncovered procedure: You pay the medical provider directly.