Step 1: Login into your profile and click on “Manage AutoBiddingTM” (located under “Edit Preferences”)




Step 2: Click on the category you would like to add automatic bids


Step 3: Enter bid information just as if you were submitting a manual bid for any subcategory of your choosing.
You can edit the bid on an individual’s request after it has been submitted via auto-bid, but if you change the price, it cannot be higher than the one already submitted.

A disclaimer can be added in your bid notes such as:
“the bid price is dependent on this being the correct procedure for you”
“if you are deemed fit for surgery, the bid price above includes xyz…” 
“while most patients are good candidates for this procedure, the final decision is based on a complete examination with findings consistent with the parameters considered safe for this surgery”. 

*IMPORTANT * Once the information has been entered, check off “Enable AutoBidTM


Your bid will automatically appear as soon as someone submits a bid request for that particular procedure!

Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like help in setting up AutoBidTM. Once you utilize AutoBidTM, we would love your feedback!