Signing the HIPAA Form is Not Required

The HIPAA Privacy rule doesn’t ensure patient privacy and could actually do more harm than good. Patients and healthcare workers believe that signing the HIPAA notice protects their privacy and that their private information will not be shared. This is a misconception since the data will be shared whether the form is signed or not. … Continued

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Hundreds of Newborns to have Genomes Sequenced

Genome sequencing would not replace the newborn screening tests most states require. They are researching if sequencing is better than regular screening at detecting genetic disorders, immune function, as well as metabolic disorders. Researchers believe that cataloguing a newborn’s genome from birth will become part of their electronic health record for life. Some think that … Continued

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MediTalk Tonight:Twila Brase on the 11th Circuit Court Decision About ObamaCare and Newborn Genetic Testing

Please join us every Monday night at 8pm CT for MediTalk Radio. Tonight, Twila Brase will discuss her findings upon reading the decision by the 11th circuit, which declared the Obamacare mandate unconstitutional after a replay of her thought provoking  presentation at the Doctors and Patients Town Hall Meeting August 6th about the privacy implications … Continued

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