Medicare Bill That Could Raise The Debt Ceiling

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) introduced a bill that averts a 27% cut for Medicare pay for Physicians next January. In a recent interview with Dr. Burgess he stated that this bill can cost at an estimated price of $20 billion dollars. He also stated that if Senate gives the green light to a deficit-reduction bill … Continued

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Green Cross Of Wisconsin Uses “Just Because” For Claims Denials

CEO of Green Cross of Wisconsin Dick Brown recently annoucned a whole new way of denying people for medical attention, “Just Because.” The company did a over-all review of their own company and realized that they took a heavy toll dealing with angry doctors and patients when it came to finances. This is where a … Continued

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Big Blue Book Setting New Standards For Health Insurance Enrollment

Enroll UX 2014, (which is a partnership with eight national and state health care foundations, federal government, and 11 states that are participanting) recently came out with a “Big Blue Book.” The book’s real title is The Enroll UX 2014 Design Specifications Manual, which is a review design spec manual written for health insurance exchanges. The manual gives an … Continued

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American’s Can’t Afford Healthcare But Can Afford MediBid

When 2011 Census figures will be released this fall, it could possibly lead the US to break a 46-year old seal on the highest rank of poverty. There is a way to counter medical care availability to the general public! MediBid allows you to get medical care across state lines, and at great prices. A full … Continued

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McCarran Ferguson Act of 1945 Stands in the Way of Obamacare

The McCarran Ferguson Act of 1945 Stands in the Way of Obamacare By Ralph F. Weber In 1944 the Supreme Court ruled that insurance was an item of commerce, and could be regulated by the federal government under the commerce clause. This ruling overturned a previous ruling by the Supreme Court in 1869 in the … Continued

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Rhetoric matters

Excuse me for getting a bit political here. I’d like to write briefly on the issue of freedom in health care markets, and specifically rhetorical strategies for those of us who believe that adding freedom to this industry will be good for patients, doctors, and tax payers. Bleeding Heart Libertarians offer a criticism of common … Continued

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The Use of Knowledge in Health Care

In my own research I am currently focusing on the impact of subsidies (and the ensuing control) on higher education and I’m struck by the basic similarities between higher-ed and health care. Both are heavily subsidized and consequently heavily regulated (though in different ways), and both are far from being free markets. Much of their … Continued

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Video of the Week: Keith Smith,MD at an October 13th Congressional Meeting Speaking About How the Free Market Has Worked For Oklamhoma Surgery Center

On October 13th,  Keith Smith,MD attended a congressional meeting to tell Rep. Marsha Blackburn and staffers about his experience with free market health care at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Since the surgery center opened in 1997, it has been their policy to be open, up front, and honest about their prices, which is a breath … Continued

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