Curious cute kid girl eating dark chocolate and looking fun

How to Eat Sweets and Keep Your Teeth

With the Valentine season over the last two weeks, adults and children alike have been filling up on little candy hearts, as well as plenty of chocolate. Today all those sweets are deeply discounted, so more sweet treats will be eaten in mass the rest of this month. With all that sugary goodness, it is … Continued

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Christy Jo Fogarty, Dental Therapist in Minnesota, with her pediatric patient

Therapists: Extra Hands for Dentists Mean More Smiles

Physician Assistants (PAs) have been a welcome addition to medical teams across the country. They receive much of the same training as physicians, can treat simple conditions, and perform some procedures. This helps take the burden off of doctors, which are already in short supply. Now the dental world is following suit. In 2009, Minnesota … Continued

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Healthy woman teeth and a dentist mouth mirror

8 Ways to Save on Dental Care Costs

Skipping the dentist’s chair, like skipping the doctor’s office when you’re sick, to save money can have major repercussions on both your health and your wallet. Even if you have dental insurance, your deductible and copayments can quickly add up. But putting off dental care can lead to bigger problems. Left untreated, a small cavity … Continued
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