Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Proves Less Invasive, Equally Effective

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the channel carrying the spinal nerves or spinal cord. Most people develop it as part of the aging process. The narrowing may affect different parts of the spine. Lumbar stenosis affects the lower back, bringing tingling, weakness/numbness, and pain to areas below the waist.  Cervical stenosis is pain in the neck and results in extreme weakness or even paralysis. Spinal stenosis affects those in their 50s and older, and it is a gradual process without sudden symptoms.

Endoscopic spinal surgery is a great option because it is minimally invasive, safe, and cost effective (as an outpatient procedure). This procedure helps 90% of patients with sciatica symptoms where other treatments have failed. It is ideal for elderly patients with spinal stenosis, as well as younger patients with herniated discs.  The risks, expense, and lengthy recovery time associated with traditional open spinal surgery and spinal fusion is prevented. The procedure has been proven in numerous clinical literature.

Elderly patients with spinal stenosis, advanced age, or other health problems may not be good candidates for major spine surgery. Endoscopic surgery lets them avoid hospitalization and provides convenience of outpatient treatment. Younger patients with herniated disc experience minimal down time and time off work.

Patients undergoing major open surgery face double to triple the risk of death or life-threatening cardiopulmonary complications compared to simpler decompression procedures. About 90% of patients with spinal stenosis or herniated disc do not require traditional open surgery or fusion for relief of symptoms.

After two years, patients who had the endoscopic surgery were reevaluated. Nearly ¾ of patients with the lumbar stenosis reported no longer having leg pain, with 20% having occasional pain. Of the patients who had cervical stenosis, over 87% no longer had arm pain, with only 9% with occasional pain. The endoscopic technique preserves mobility, quicker rehabilitation, and prevents excessive trauma on the body.

Synergy Spine Center is nationally known for their excellent outpatient endoscopic spinal surgery. If you are seeking treatment for spinal stenosis or herniated disc which is minimally invasive and affordable, you can find this facility on MediBid.

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