A Winning Bid for Healthier Patients

The old-fashioned auction is a long-standing tradition in Texas. Texans bid on cattle, cars, and eBay. Now, MediBid brings your medical requests to the sale barn.

On the MediBid platform, doctors and surgeons bid against each other to earn your business. Register your name and give a brief medical history of your condition.  You are allowed to enter whatever procedure you would like. After entering your procedure request, doctors from all over the country and world can bid for your care. They give you a price in plain black and white. Each bid comes with a rating for that doctor and a brief history of their work. Prices can vary widely.

Perry Hunt, a construction consultant from Dallas, desperately needed a hip replacement. His insurance company refused to pay for his surgery, and out-of-pocket price would be over $100,000. Perry discovered MediBid while searching for options. He ended up finding a great doctor in San Antonio, “one of the best in the country,” says Perry. He ended up paying only $21,000 for his procedure. By driving five hours for medical treatment, Perry saved $80,000.

Ralph Weber, CEO of MediBid, says they save patients 35 to 75 percent on most procedures. The most common procedures requested include knee and hip replacement, MRI, hernia repair, and colonoscopy.

Houston NBC station KPRC aired this feature story on MediBid on the nightly newscast May 10, 2016.

Watch the entire news story at

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