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Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Cut From Obamacare Plans

Preferred Provider Plans (PPOs) normally cover specialized medical treatment such as cancer care. The federal Obamacare exchange in a growing number of markets, including Houston, will no longer offer these plans previously privately purchased by individuals rather than from an employer. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas stated that these plans are no longer sustainable because of cost and were getting rid of them. Insurers are shifting patients to HMOs, which are less expensive and offer limited coverage for specialized and complex medical needs.

Clinical trials and experimental life-saving treatments offered at Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center will no longer be covered with these policy changes. Out of pocket costs for care could reach $10,000 per month. Cancer patients are distraught that they will no longer have this option of cutting-edge cancer treatment to possibly extend their lives.
Diaz, Joy and Donahue, Emily. “No Obamacare Plans Cover Treatment at Houston’s Top Cancer Center.” Stories. Texas Standard, 3 Nov 2015. Web. 10 Nov 2015.

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