Bladder Cancer

The Rate of Bladder Cancer Rising for Workers in many Industries

Research shows that bladder cancer is increasing among women at a more rapid rate than it is among men. Employers try as much as possible to provide a healthy working environment for their workers to prevent workplace accidents. They make sure there is safety in the workplace and protect employees from injuries, harm and maintain optimum health. In all that employers have done, the risk of bladder cancer keeps increasing in some selected industries, new studies found.

The exposure to carcinogens is the primary reason this type of cancer is on the rise recently. These carcinogens are either inhaled, contacted by the body on the skin or ingested, the researchers explained.

In a study involving over 30 million people worldwide, results show that there is an increase in the risk of the development of bladder cancer in some selected industries. Individuals who were known to have the greatest risk were those who were exposed to chemicals referred to as aromatic amines. These are commonly found in the tobacco, dye, rubber, printer, leather, and hair product industry.

Bladder cancer rates are climbing faster amongst women than men, research shows. 

Metal workers, electricians, mechanics, military service members, nurses, waiters, seamen, and oil workers were at even great risk due to their exposure to heavy metals and combustion products.

Sex also was an important factor, with women being diagnosed with bladder cancer at a more rapid rate than men. This may be due to the number of women in the workplace increasing throughout history.

Employers who know that the work environment and the nature of materials their employees handle increase the risk of bladder cancer should do all they can to reduce this risk and exposure. Prevention is a possibility and workers have the right to a safe carcinogen free environment.

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