5 Foods to Get Rid of Stress

Feeling stress and craving junk food are two more obvious things that commonly happen at the same time. Stress increases the level of hormones that leads to weight gain due to the excess desire of high caloric food. These food cause obesity; especially around tummy, hips and thighs area which is horrifying for most of us. Here are 5 super food to relieve stress.


Stress increases the anxiety and your sleep may suffer, in the early hours when finding that you might face stress go for some celery which is essential for promoting positive mood and brings a sound sleep. Celery contain tryptophan which helps the brain to create a chemical serotonin and soothes you stress and provides good quality sleeps and prevent the sudden night time waking.

Dark chocolate

This option is the favorite for most of us, From now on don’t worry about the tempting guilt of the dark chocolate. Stress upsurges the craving of fatty food and sweet desserts and when this happens your dark chocolate may help. Studies shows that 40 gram of bar is enough to cope with stress. Your devine dark chocolate bar releases ‘beta endorphins’ in the brains that helps in relieving stress and stimulates the feeling of pleasure and love. So this time do not hesitate to pick up that chocolate!


Overloaded with antioxidants content, berries contain compound that prevents anti-aging often related to chronic stress. It balances the blood sugar into the blood stream which makes blue barriers, raspberries and strawberries the best choices to overcome the craving of sugary deserts and sweet snacks. These are also helpful in digestion as they cause little fermentation and gas and help to balance the absorption process when you are under pressure.



When facing stress, your body and brain requires vitamins at faster rate. Nuts are rich in nutrients and vitamins and are considered a best option of providing omega oils, magnesium, zinc and Vitamins in the state of stress. Nuts help in controlling blood sugar, decrease the sugary craving and regulate the appetite. Don’t hesitate to munch the nuts due to the fats in them; these are more successful in the weight management than other snacks. Have a handful of almonds, walnuts and peanuts to stave off your craving.

Olive oil

Olive oil is among the best option for cardiovascular health but now it has been also proven to be a vital source of reliving stress. Olive oil contains a compound called oleocanthal which has same anti-inflammatory effects as ibuprofen but without any side effects. Go for some extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil and drizzle it in vegetable and salads but avoid cooking it directly as heat can damage delicate fats which are the essential element of olive oil.


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