Traditional Physician’s Stethoscope Enters Digital Age

The FDA has approved a digital stethoscope, called the Eko Core, bringing this 19th century device into the 21st century. This new stethoscope, designed by young Berkeley graduates for Apple, records heart sounds to a smartphone and can be saved to a patient’s electronic medical record. This recording can be shared via a HIPAA-compliant secure link for a second opinion. A physician with the new stethoscope can also switch it over from digital to analog to listen the “old school” way. Medical residents at Stanford will be the first to test the new product. Eko will make it easier for physicians to pick out abnormal heart sounds with the ability to repeat it as many times as needed. This feature is great for medical school, where recorded heart sounds can be played to students in the classroom. An existing analog stethoscope can be upgraded with an attachment for $199, while the Eko Core with a pre-attached stethoscope will sell for $299.
Healy, Melissa. “Stethoscope meets smartphone and the heart knows it’s right.” Science Now. LA Times, 2 Sep 2015. Web. 3 Sep 2015.

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