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Nutritionists Prove They Are Only Human

It’s easy to think that when it comes to food and eating, nutritionists walk the straight and narrow road, confining their food choices to kale and baby carrots. Well, here’s an earth shattering revelation. Nutritionists are human too, but one thing that separates them from the common folk is that these professionals tame their cravings and guilty pleasures with healthy and tasty food options that vary from guacamole to macaroons.

To prove that, Reader’s Digest asked nutritionists to take a candid photo of their fridge and share it to the world! This was the result.

assortment of dairy products isolated on white background

Nutritionist #1: Dairy Devotee

Milk: Why? This food item isn’t only a very convenient and affordable source of essential nutrients, but you are getting a lot of protein as well with one glass. Milk can be taken along with breakfast as a beverage or as a separate smoothie to start off the day.

Salsa: One great thing about salsa is that not only is this food item low in calories, but almost bursts with flavors due to which it’s an absolute favorite! You can easily top your salads or baked potato with this goodie or smear generous amounts on enchiladas and tacos.

Tzatziki Sauce: Basically; when plain yoghurt goes through a makeover, Tzatziki sauce is the result. There are very few substitutes of classic Ranch dressing that taste just as well. This sauce is one of them!

Sugar Snap Peas: Who doesn’t like this food item? With over a ton of ways to make sugar snap peas, nutritionists love the fact that every serving consists of 2 grams of fiber and 35 calories!

Colorful macaron cookies. Isolated on white background

Nutritionist #2: Macaroon Man

Macaroons: Even nutritionists are allowed to indulge in their favorite treats every now and again! Not only are macaroons easy to make with the use of simple and few ingredients, they have great flavor too.

Arugula: Considered to be a traditionally nutritional food item, it can be made in a number of ways other than tossing the leaves in a salad bowl. Moreover, its peppery flavor enhances pasta dishes, wraps and even tofu scrambles.

Kale: Contrary to popular belief, kale can be made in more ways than one so next time make a hearty kale based salad with some complementary ingredients such as sunflower seeds, diced red apple, red onion and avocado slices. Incredibly high in vitamin K and calcium, you won’t find a much tastier way to improve bone health.

Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Yogurt: Non-dairy yogurts have high sugar content, which means that nutrition wise, they are not an ideal choice. Mix some fresh fruit and raw almonds, you will surely make a great breakfast out of it.

Sprouted Grain Tortillas: Great for making wraps, this food item can also be used as a base for quick pizzas. For a snack, heat the tortillas and use them to scoop up freshly made guacamole or hummus. High in fiber and protein content, tortillas can also pose as a light dinner paired with lots of veggies and some meat.

It’s alright to be health conscious, but even the pro’s have more than baby carrots and hummus!

See all of the candid photos of nutritionist’s fridges here.  

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