Employer Insurance – The Devil is in the Details

During World War ll, employer-sponsored healthcare was born.  The government dangled tax-free healthcare at employers and they took the bait. Some may think it is the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry that have caused so many problems; it is these employer plans that resulted in higher costs, fewer options, and lower quality. These plans prevent patients and physicians from working directly by inserting the employers into the middle, thus patients don’t know the real price of their health insurance and there is no meaningful competition. For offering health insurance, employers dip into employee wages and get a tax deduction.

Obamacare prevents employees from opting out of employer-sponsored health plans and choosing what is best for their own families. If an employer does not offer government-approved health insurance, they can be fined $36,000. When prices for private insurance increase, employees who purchase their own insurance are forced to pay more in a system that continues to add burdens rather than simplifying the medical marketplace.
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