The Widowmaker: A Documentary Film


Award-winning documentary, The Widowmaker, has just been released on Netflix. It is the result of an Irish patient who discovered how the results of a heart scan saved his life and wondered why the test was not widely available. Cardiologists have nicknamed the dangerous plaque in the major artery of the heart “The Widowmaker” since middle-aged men are the common victims of the clot that is nearly always fatal. The non-contrast cardiac CT scan, invented in San Francisco, is the only non-invasive test capable of reliably detecting coronary plaque in a timely and affordable manner. High profile clinicians, innovators, celebrities, and politicians, as well as ordinary folks (both victims and surviving relatives) share their experience with heart disease. The movie sets the early adopters of the heart scan against cardiologists who benefit financially from withholding the preventative scan. This documentary shows how political the science of medical care has become, with the increasingly centralized healthcare system as the real villain of the story.
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