“Medjacking” is Real Possible Threat


Dr. David Armstrong, a podiatric surgeon and professor in the University of Arizona Department of Surgery, has joined forces with government security agencies to keep patients safe from medjacking. He is part of a cybersecurity committee for diabetes devices, which will examine the security of other medical devices, such as pacemakers, as well. Medical devices are susceptible to unintentional and intentional hacking and interruption, as are ATM machines and personal computers. It does not take many resources to do serious damage. This committee will be finding ways to prevent danger without hindering innovation. Dr. Armstrong’s article, currently under review for publication, proposes setting guidelines for medical device cybersecurity and coins the term “medjacking”. He believes that his efforts could result in future inventions and new businesses.

Barkley, Jo Marie. “UA Surgeon Takes on “Medjacking””. UA News, 17 Jul 2015. Web. 21 Jul 2015.

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