Crowd-funding Helps with Medical Bills


Crowd-funding is growing as people work together to support projects such as charities, movie production, and now, paying medical bills. Indiegogo has seen an increase in personal fundraising for medical costs, so they started Indiegogo Life for personal purposes. Other websites that use crowd-funding for medical purposes are GoFundMe and YouCaring. These online fundraisers reach people beyond your immediate social network to strangers you have never met. People are discovering that their health insurance is not enough, evidence that the American healthcare system still has problems.

To set up your own fundraising campaign, write a clear description of who you are and why you need money. Profiles with pictures or videos have better success. Connecting your profile to a Facebook account verifies that you are a real person who can be trusted. When deciding to donate to a campaign, avoid fraud by paying attention to all details of the person’s story. Watch for fees, as some websites take a percentage of each donation and others do not. You will be surprised how much of your community is willing to help.
Zamosky, Lisa. “Patients swamped with medical bills find a solution in crowd-funding.” Business. LATimes, 3 Jul 2015. Web. 6 Jul 2015.

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