Beat the Summer Heat with Food


by Adrienne Snavely

As we sit in the middle of summer, it seems as if the persistently sweltering heat will never end and the refreshing monsoon rains will never reach our doorstep. While waiting for the cooler days (and months) to come, here are some meal choices that will help keep you cooler than sitting in front of a fan all afternoon.

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1. Salad – When the thought of heating up the kitchen by firing up the range or oven is the last thing from your mind, salads make for a nice, cooling meal. Raw vegetables are rich in vitamins and water content. Lettuce is 95% water and cucumbers are 96% water, rehydrating you in a more filling way than water.

2. Watermelon – This summer fruit is good to keep sliced up in the refrigerator for a healthy and cool snack, as it is 90% water. The lycopene it contains also protects you from the sun.


3. Hot Peppers – Spicy food cause sweating, creating an evaporative cooling effect on your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day to replenish water loss during the day.

4. Mint – Mint has a cool taste naturally. You are not going to make a whole meal of mint, but it does add a cool taste topping a hot meal or icy beverage.

sweet tea

5. Non-alcoholic Beverages – As delicious as a frosty margarita sounds on a warm evening, alcohol can dehydrate your body even more. Put frozen berries, grapes, or melon chunks into your water instead of ice cubes for a tasty option. Feel free to enjoy the sunset with iced tea or iced coffee, which provide more water than their caffeine causes us to lose.
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