Shopping While Hungry Leads to Poor Eating All Week

Food in a shopping basket

A study at Cornell University examined the food selections that a group of shoppers put in their virtual online grocery cart. The shoppers that had not eaten four or five hours beforehand selected 23% more processed junk food than those who had a snack before starting. They didn’t choose more items, but selected food that required little to no preparation. The study respondents said that healthy snacks are important, yet the most popular snack selections were chips and soda. A cart full of junk leads to a pantry of the same, leaving a person with less healthy food to eat at home. Be sure to have a piece of fruit or other healthy snack before heading to the grocery store for your weekly purchases.
Neporant, Liz. “Hungry Shoppers Eat Worse All Week Long, Study Finds.” Health. ABCNews, 6 May 2013. Web. 18 Jun 2015.

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