Implanted Heart Devices Affected by iPads

A new study has found that the magnetic interference from iPads could alter the settings ipador even deactivate implanted defibrillators. This interference comes from the magnets imbedded in the iPad 2 and its Smart Cover. Magnets in the heart devices prevent sudden heart rate changes and are adjustable by physicians. When an iPad is used within close range, closer than normal reading distance from the chest or left on chest while sleeping, 30% of study participants had interference. It is very difficult to detect this kind of malfunction. All participants were over 50 years old and had implanted defibrillators, pacemakers, or loop recorders. Almost 19% of the patients with defibrillators had interference, yet there were no effects on those with pacemakers or loop recorders. Physicians should discuss the risks that technological devices may cause to their patients with implanted heart devices. These problems will continue until the design of tablets change.

Gray, Barbara Bronson. “iPads Could Affect Implanted Heart Devices: Study.” WebMDNews. HealthDay News, 9 May 2015. Web. 27 May 2015.

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