Tisha Casida interviews Ralph Weber: Free Market Solutions to Healthcare

tishaTisha Casida with Rebellion.life interviews CEO of MediBid, Ralph Weber, about his work educating the public and the government about common sense health care solutions. MediBid is an online marketplace with true transparency, listing not only prices, but qualities and education of physicians. MediBid was created after the 2008 election as a way to get medical care in the U.S. for Canadians on wait lists. The system worked so well that they expanded worldwide. In 2010, Ralph wrote the book MediCrats, which explains the history of healthcare in America and how it has evolved over time. The more the federal government tries to fix healthcare, the more confusing it becomes. The best hope is for changes to begin at the state level. MediBid allows the free market to work with self-funded health plans, including employer plans or faith-based cost-sharing groups, providing substantial savings for all patients.

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