Study Finds Hormones Can Help Younger Women Through Menopause

postmenopausal-womanHormone replacement therapy used to only be given to women who had completed menopause, relieving hot flashes, sleeplessness, and other symptoms. In 2009, about 8 million women used HRT, most over the age of 60. A recent Cochrane review finds that taking hormones does not lower the risk of heart disease after menopause, yet it is not dangerous for women either. Women who begin treatment within the first 10 years of menopause (starting around age 51) have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke, yet a higher risk of blood clots in the leg. A younger woman who is having uncomfortable symptoms of menopause can be started on hormones and feel much better. Taking HRT immediately post-menopausal may not be as risky as taking it 10 years after menopause. Exercise helps alleviate symptoms, but some women may still need hormones.
Fox, Maggie and Shapiro, Marin. “Hormones May Help Younger Women With Hot Flashes, Study Finds.” Women’s Health. NBCNews, 9 Mar 2015. Web. 17 Mar 2015.

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