Retail Health Care Clinics Multiply with Increasing Demand

CVS-Minute-ClinicIntegrated care facilities offer primary care, specialty services, labs, and diagnostics all under one roof. These clinics follow a model common in Latin America. This consumer-focused type of providing medical care is gaining in popularity and increasing in number since Obamacare was signed into law, proving that patients want more transparency and affordability with the ability to compare prices and receive timely care. Retail health care clinics post prices and allow patients to select which services they want with no waiting or cloudy pricing schemes. Out-of-pocket costs and high deductibles have made patients more price conscious, wanting more “skin in the game”. CVS leads retailers with the most MinuteClinics nationwide. Retail clinics will fill the void caused by the primary care doctor shortage and an aging population. Several conditions can be treated in a less expensive way.
Herrera, Chabeli. “Retail Health Care Spurs Innovation In South Florida.” News. Kaiser Health News, 12 Mar 2015. Web. 15 Mar 2015.

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