The End of the 10-Minute Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor_VisitThe patient-physician relationship should be balanced, not one-sided with physicians skimping on visit time and not allowing patients to ask enough questions or explain their symptoms well. Eighteen seconds is the average time a patient is allowed to talk before the doctor interrupts or asks another question. Pinnacle Health System in Harrisburg, PA started a training program which coaches physicians how to really listen to their patients to get all symptoms right and show empathy, not rushing and taking more than ten minutes. Patient satisfaction at the hospital increased by 40%. Slower patient-physician interaction makes for less errors and malpractice/lawsuits. Physicians believe that reducing the doctor shortage and paying them more will result in providing ample time and quality care to patients.
Goldman MD, Brian. “Time’s Up on The Ten Minute MD Appointment.” White Coat, Black Art. CBCRadio, 12 Jan 2015. Web. 13 Jan 2015.

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