Why You Should Eat More Prunes

PrunesMany people are not fans of prunes, yet sales of “dried plums” are on the rise. Prunes have been a popular digestive remedy for decades with their fiber, stool loosener, and natural laxative compound. They are a sweet treat for only 30 calories and have other great health benefits.

Prunes protect against diseases – They protect the brain from free radical damage, prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, and inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the body.

Prunes prevent type 2 diabetes & obesity – They are high in soluble fiber, which keeps blood sugar levels stable. The fiber slows the rate of food moving through the stomach and delays the rate of sugar absorption into the blood stream, making you feel full and preventing overeating.

Prunes lower cholesterol – The soluble fiber soaks up excess bile in the intestine and excretes it. The amount of cholesterol made by the liver is also inhibited by the fiber.

Prunes improve bone health and reduce osteoporosis – They are the most effective fruit for preventing and reversing bone loss.

Prunes are a good source of vitamin K & beta carotene – Beta carotene protects and repairs free radical damage in the cells, reversing the signs of aging. Vitamin K reduces bone loss and improves circulation.

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