Direct Primary Care Reduces Healthcare Costs

Direct primary care benefits both the patient and the physician. Many people could afford Image courtesy of [renjith krishnan] FreeDigitalPhotos.netmedication if they could afford the office visit it stems from.  Clinics that take insurance have to hire extra people and invest in special technology in order to bill insurance companies.  These administrators get paid even if no patients come in. The facility must make up for low reimbursements by marking up lab tests and even basic supplies. Even paying cash at these places is a bad deal because the prices are inflated.

Chris Larson, DO of Austin Osteopathic Family Medicine does not accept insurance. He passes the savings on to the patients. Lab tests at his clinic are $5 and IV fluid is $10. Prices like this save patients up to 50% of other listed prices. By reducing the cost of care, patients can afford to see a physician on a regular basis. Insurance isn’t needed because the care is affordable, and keeping insurance out helps it remain affordable.
Larson DO, Chris. “How direct primary care reduces the costs of care.”, 3 Nov 2014. Web. 4 Nov 2014.

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