Are We Heading Towards a Two Tiered Health Care System?

In 2013, 117 insurance plans were offered on average in eachclaim_forms state. Only 41 plans are offered in the exchanges, and in 16 states, consumers have access to 3 or fewer insurers.  In addition, these plans have increasingly restricted networks… only 33% of networks were narrow in 2010 vs 68% in 2014, and many of the best hospitals are not included in the state exchanges. The already low reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid will be reduced further increasing the rate at which doctors are opting out. All the while, the number of concierge practices increased 30% within the past year. Are these trends indicative of a future two tiered health-care system such as the one in Europe where 6 million British Citizens purchase private insurance despite also paying for the National Health Service, and more than 50,000 of them travel  to receive treatment abroad annually? NCPA staff. “ObamaCare

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