Hundreds of Newborns to have Genomes Sequenced

1775R-21494Genome sequencing would not replace the newborn screening tests most states require. They are researching if sequencing is better than regular screening at detecting genetic disorders, immune function, as well as metabolic disorders. Researchers believe that cataloguing a newborn’s genome from birth will become part of their electronic health record for life. Some think that not all data should be shared with families or be owned by others. Twila Brase RN says that this sequencing is taking away parents’ choice and privacy. False positives can affect families in the future. Researchers say they are considering giving the data to the families so they can analyze it and come to their own conclusions.

Check, Erika. “Scientists to sequence genomes of hundreds of newborns.” Nature News Blog. Nature Publishing Group, 4 Sep 2013. Web. 20 Jul 2014.

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