Current Health System Provides No Privacy for Patients

Dr. Deborah Peel has advocated for patient privacy for over 20 years.  She explains to the tech community how breaches in computer systems using electronic health records destroy privacy.  When patients are in control of their own money and move away from third party payers, then they will have control of their data and medical care.

MediBid puDoctor_Visitts patients in control. There is no middleman to interfere or intercept personal information. MediBid protects patient privacy by holding all information submitted confidential, releasing it to no one. Only the patient and the physician whose bid they select are the parties involved, protecting the patient-physician relationship and retaining privacy.
Scandlen, Greg. “There is no Patient Privacy.” Health Care Access. National Center for Policy Analysis, 3 July 2014. Web. 13 July 2014.

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