Poorer Health of Surgery Patients on Medicaid May Alter Law’s Bottom Line

When Medicaid patients arrive at the hospital, they are in worse shape than privately insured patients because of complications stemming from years of poor health habits, smoking, avoiding or delaying medical treatment, and diseases left undetected. These patients are sicker, have more emergency room visits, and cost the system immense amounts of money to treat. With Medicaid expanding in some states, these costs will skyrocket. The best way to bring down costs is for these Medicaid and Medicaid-eligible patients to direct contract – or pay cash to physicians directly. Many office visits, scans, and procedures are more reasonably priced than the public is led to believe. Patients can find affordable medical care with quality physicians and facilities at MediBid.

medicaid moneyhttp://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/18/us/poorer-health-of-surgery-patients-on-medicaid-may-alter-laws-bottom-line.html
Pear, Robert. “Poorer Health of Surgery Patients on Medicaid May Alter Law’s Bottom Line.” U.S. New York Times, 17 May 2014. Web. 8 Jun 2014.

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