How Obamacare Impacts Small Businesses

StressedAccountantCost increases due to Obamacare will be sharp and immediate for small businesses. As they renew their group health plans, they are discovering an onslaught of new regulations which will also affect their future hiring and business growth. Over 60% of Americans get their health insurance from their workplace. Companies with 50+ employees may cut workers or no longer offer benefits.  If employees change plans, they lose any grandfathered status. Premium rates have risen by 11-16%, some much higher in certain states.

To cut costs, employers have relayed the increase in costs, copays, and dependent coverage to the workers. MediBid helps both large and small employer groups save hundreds of thousands to millions on their health plans… not to mention, help employers create affordable health plans for employees they didn’t think they could cover. Email or call 888-855-MEDI (6334) to find out how Medibid can help your company.
NCPA Staff. “The Impact of Obamacare on Small Business.” Daily Policy Digest. National Center for Policy Analysis, 12 Jun 2014. Web. 12 Jun 2014.

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