Ryan Destroys Obama, Obamacare in Six Minutes

Flashback: Ryan Destroys Obama, Obamacare in Six Minutes


August 11, 2012

At a Health Care Summit, Paul Ryan (R-WI) points out directly to Obama how Obamacare does not reduce cost or deficit, but quite the opposite.  The cuts do not cover new spending.  He calls it “a Ponzi scheme, double-counting, and gimmicks.” Ignoring costs and spending does not reduce spending.

Rep. Ryan is correct when he says that “the government should not be in control; people should be in control.”  At MediBid, the patients are in control of their medical treatment.  Save money and receive affordable medical care from physicians wanting to provide timely medical care to cash-paying patients.

February 25, 2010: Rep. Paul Ryan picks apart the myth of Obamacare’s budget neutrality thereby exposing President Obama’s health care overhaul to be a deficit creating disaster.


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