Orthopedics and the Vampire Economy

The numbers of uninsured Americans is not a crisis.  The real crisis is the government’s intrusion in private business and the free market, over-taxing and over-regulating.  Dr. Lee Hieb, Past-President of AAPS, has studied highly-regulated economies throughout history and gives options for how businesses and individuals can survive.

When people take control of their own medical care, they make smart choices.  They want an affordable price with a physician who will give quality care.  Physicians who join MediBid have a way to see patients in a timely manner without the restrictions of insurance.

Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

Lee Hieb, M.D.                     Part 1 of 8

Individuals and private corporations, not the government, make the world better. When you’re catching flak, it just means you’re over the target.

The State of American Medicine

If universal healthcare is so great, why are foreign premiers sneaking into the U.S. for care?

American medicine today is in crisis, but not for the reasons most often reported. Although once thebastion of the free market economy, America has become overtaxed and overregulated by an by an ever-growing bureaucracy. Its policies target all businesses, but may be especially damaging to entrepreneurs and manufacturers.

Dr. Lee Hieb has studied the history of similar economies and shares ways that businesses might adapt to survive.

To learn more:
Dr, Hieb’s blog – Prognosis: Poorprognosispoor.blogspot.com
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons www.aapsonline.org Twitter: @AAPSonline

To view the remaining parts from Dr. Hieb’s Keynote Address, Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy, please follow these links: Part 2: Big Government’s Argument for Government-run Medicine
Part 3: An Environment of Oppressive Taxation and Overregulation
Part 4: What are the Symptoms of America’s Disease of Decline?
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Part 6: What is the Diagnosis? How do we Survive?
Part 7: What is the Outcome?
Part 8: Conclusions: The Tipping Point
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