What ObamaCare Means to Me

Obamacare hinders the development of new technologies and treatments.  If you get cancer over age 50, you can forget about getting proper care, if any care at all.  In a socialist system, only those who are able-bodied and age 15-40 are worth anything to the collective good.  Technology should advance and help society, not be stifled so people are hurt by loss of care.

MediBid offers various treatments and procedures to patients looking for affordable and timely medical care.  They get the care they need from doctors willing to help without being restricted by insurance.

What ObamaCare Means to Me

Posted by Hannah Krening at 8:00 am

I’m a cancer survivor, having beaten the disease twelve years ago. When detected, my disease was more advanced than average for a victim my age. But because I was relatively young, I could withstand more aggressive treatment, and my doctor recommended that course. I also had good health insurance, so I could afford the full range of treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The side-effects were severe, but state-of-the-art therapy helped me keep on schedule and withstand the treatment. I have been cancer-free for over a decade.

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