Vermont’s Single-Payer System to Begin in 2017

The article below if from the Healthcare Compact Alliance Website. In the last paragraph they state that it is the chief goal of the healthcare compact alliance to have the states assume control of their citizens’ healthcare.

At MediBid, we feel that it is the citizens who should be responsible for their healthcare, not the state, and not an insurance companies. They quote Justice Louis Brandeis, who was appointed by Woodrow Wilson as he spoke about states being “laboratories of democracy”. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that any level of government should “assume control of their citizen’s healthcare”.

If the citizens of a state call for a single payer system, that is one thing, but if signing a compact enables a transfer of tax funds, which were never intended for a government medicine system, that is something else.

The way the people can assume control of their own healthcare is very easy. Third Party Payers have spent decades telling us that they know the “bundle of goods” that we need. They feel that many things should be in that package which we would not buy if we were buying medical care. Some items we may have a moral objection to, others a religious objection to. If the states assume control of our healthcare, we may have a whole new basket of care added. At MediBid, we believe that paying directly for your medila care is the best way to achieve and restore freedom to medicine. A catastrophic health insurance plan can be very cost effective, and pay for the big stuff, while other things can be paid at a discount directly.

Vermont’s Single-Payer System to Begin in 2017

8-23-2011                        Pat Hartman

Vermont’s first-in-the-nation single-payer health care system should be fully operational by 2017, Anya Rader Wallack, special assistant for health reform to Governor Peter Shumlin, reports in the July 20 New England Journal of Medicine.

By adopting the taxpayer-finance program, Vermont hopes to guarantee coverage for all its citizens and reduce the costs associated with its current system. Vermont intends to guarantee health care coverage for all its citizens, reduce the waste of resources connected with administration, and simplify the system. Gov. Shumlin signed legislation on May 26 to create the system’s administrative structure, which will be called the Health Benefit Exchange.

Vermont’s program represents one of the many ways coverage can be provided as states assume responsibility for their citizens’ health care, the chief goal of the Health Care Compact Alliance (HCCA). By ending the federal monopoly on health care, HCCA hopes states can become “laboratories of democracy,” in the words of former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. [Brandeis was appointed by Woodrow Wilson]

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