The next case against Obama’s health care law

The Goldwater Institute has long opposed the federal health care law as constitutionally questionable and a governmental intrusion on individual freedom. Nick Dranias, director of Goldwater’s Center for Constitutional Government, was interviewed on Arizona Week.

“Liberty took a body blow, but it’s not down for the count,” he said. “We still have a challenge to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, what Sarah Palin called the ‘death panel,’ which is pending.

“And that challenge is actually made stronger by the portion of the decision that struck down the individual mandate under the commerce clause… We will pursue that challenge to the health care law with fervor and until the end.”

Possibly adding to that, Dranias said Goldwater lawyers will dissect the Supreme Court opinion to seek legal challenge opportunities to other aspects of the Affordable Care Act other than the tax imposed on those who don’t buy insurance.

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