Surgical Wait Times in Canada

WaitTimesSummary2012_EN.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Canada is a great country. The people are friendly, the land is expansive, the natural resources are plentiful, and it has become much more conservative over the last decade. At the same time, Canada has gained control of its national debt.

The one area in which Canada struggles the most is in Healthcare. Everyday stuff, and broken arms etc, get taken care of promptly, but that’s where a lot of the waste is. So much wast in fact, that they don’t have enough money left to pay for the really important stuff.

In Canada, it is illegal for a doctor to bill a patient for medical care. The patient must ask the government permission to get medical care, thus, they do not have a right to healthcare in Canada. That’s why many Canadians travel to the US for timely medical care. Canadians on surgical waiting lists can get a knee replacement for $7,500 to $12,000 within 2 days. Sometimes they find an alternative to a knee replacement, such as prolotherapy for knee pain, which costs only $280 per treatment, and often 2-4 treatments is all you need.

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