Reductions in Medicare Advantage Payments: The Impact on Seniors by Region

Medicare is getting cut.  Many seniors have come to rely on this government program to cover their frequent medical needs as they age.  In a socialist system, as Obamacare is, the elderly are not valued as much as younger, working-age people.  The ACA cuts 500 billion from Medicare coverage and puts it into Medicaid.  this shows exactly what ths administration thinks of our seniors — that Grandma is better off staying medicated and dying, than to spend money to treat her many malidies.

The government is not a reliable source of funds.  People need to take care of themselves and take control of their own medical care.  MediBid offers patients with little to no insurance coverage the opportunity to get affordable medical treatments by doctors who want to keep government and insurance intrusion out of the way of giving proper care.

Reductions in Medicare Advantage Payments: The Impact on Seniors by Region

By Robert A. Book, Ph.D. and James C. Capretta              September 14, 2010

Abstract: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act substantially alters Medicare Advantage and, as a consequence, reduces the access of senior citizens and the disabled to quality health care by restricting and worsening the health care plan options available to them. Lower-income beneficiaries, Hispanics, and African–Americans will bear a disproportionate share of the act’s Medicare Advantage payment reductions. Those reductions will also indirectly impose higher Medicaid costs on state and federal governments and lead to increased spending on prescription drugs by shifting costs to Medicare Part D.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1] will cause millions of senior citizens and disabled Americans to lose billions of dollars in health care services every year by substantially reducing payments to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.[2] The act will also dramatically reduce the ability of Medicare beneficiaries to make health care choices for themselves.

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