How to Reduce the Cost of your Health Insurance

Health Insurance started out as a tool to pay your medical bills. That is how health insurance should be used. However, over the years, politicians have added a lot of different things onto health insurance making it pay for all kinds of things you would not pay for if you were buying them yourself.

If politicians had manipulated “TransportationCare” they way they have healthcare, here is how it would look:

It would cover the cost of your car…even if it was a hummer. It would cover gas, and parking, and wiper blades, and oil changes, and tune ups, and body work, and tires, and roads, and licensing, and plates, and insurance, and subway fare, and air fare, and checked bags on a flight, and taxi fare, and it would even cover trade ins. For those living in a big city who only use the subway, you’d be paying for all of this extra stuff that you’d never use. For those who drive a Prius, you’d be paying for others to fill up their Hummer. For those with a bicycle, you’d be paying for roads, and licensing.

Do you see where I’m going?

So what is the solution for employers? Clearly, we need to focus on the core product, which is necessary medical care. That’s what we do at MediBid, and that is why you can get a knee replacement for $7,000 at MediBid, and a hernia repair for $3,335, and a Colonoscopy for $535. In fact getting an affordable colonoscopy is one of the biggest requests at MediBid.

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