National Internet sales tax bill gains in Congress

Government loves to spend our money…actually waste our money. Since they do not have to work for it, they usually see little need to be careful with it. The PPACA ended up being one HUGE tax increase according to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, who declared that healthcare is just a choice under the law. The government wanted more of our money to spend, so they enacted this monstrous scheme to do so.

But you don’t have to participate. Since most healthcare plans out there simply waste your money, get a catastrophic real insurance plan, then let MediBid negotiate deep discounts  on medical care for you.

National Internet sales tax bill gains in Congress – Portland Business Journal.

Plans for a national tax on internet retail sales, supported by online retailing giant Inc., is gaining momentum in Congress.

According to Kent Hoover of the American City Business Journals’ Washington, D.C. bureau, Republican governors are now testifying in favor of taxing internet sales, including Gov Bill Haslam of Tennesses, who told Congress that a national internet sales tax “is about states having the flexibility and the authority to collect taxes that are already owed by their own in-state residents.”

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