Medicare Bill That Could Raise The Debt Ceiling

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) introduced a bill that averts a 27% cut for Medicare pay for Physicians next January. In a recent interview with Dr. Burgess he stated that this bill can cost at an estimated price of $20 billion dollars. He also stated that if Senate gives the green light to a deficit-reduction bill passed by the House this past May, it would cover his messy bill. He hopes to pass the bill by this November, which is around the time a phrase called the “The Fiscal Cliff” will occur. This is the time period that tax cuts created by Bush’s administration will expire, as well as 1.2 TRILLION in auto spending cuts will start. In layman’s terms, we will need to raise our national Debt Ceiling again to match these efforts.

If we paid for medical care direct, rather than using third party payers, which only increases costs, we may not have a problem with the debt ceiling. By using MediBid, you can usually get prices with are 80% lower than retail and 50% lower than insurance “negotiated” rates.

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