Capitalism (1948)

History has proven time and again that capitalism and free markets are the answer to a prosperous economy.  At MediBid, the free market in medicine thrives!  Patients and physicians deal directly for care, without insurance companies or the government getting in the way.

Another winner from Coronet Instructional Films! In this one, a group of teenagers on a high-school radio program discuss just what capitalism is, seizing onto the example of the butcher who supplies the weenies for their picnic. A bona fide capitalism love-in! Weenie references fly fast and furious here.

Capitalism is one of many “free-enterprise education” films released in the first few years of the Cold War. Unlike many films produced under corporate sponsorship, it avoids taking jabs at socialism, Russia or New Deal government programs. Nonetheless, it uses the common Coronet device of showing a group collectively engaged in coming to terms with an idea — a process with predetermined conclusions. In this respect, I imagine that it’s not so different from Soviet educational films.

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