Steep Rise in Health Costs Projected

Due to increased longevity, projected numbers of baby boomers retiring, and the taxing demands from Obamacare, health care cost are expected to blow through the roof.  (To see all the statistics, see the full article below.)  First, we hope that the Supreme Court will knock out the ACA in its entirety to prevent further nightmares of rationing and government-imposed waiting lists.  Patients must then take “reform” into their own hands, changing the way they spend money on health care.  The American people must see that they CAN be happy with their health care and treatments by choosing their own doctor and paying with their own money.  MediBid helps connect these patients to physicians who are willing and ready to help!

Steep Rise in Health Costs Projected

Defying historical trends, health spending in the United States has slowed dramatically since the recession began.  As individual consumers have seen a reduction in their disposable income, they have been forced to cut back on typical expenditure categories.  As a result, elective health care spending has been delayed or forgone, causing the slowdown, says the Wall Street Journal.

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