SCOTUS Ruling on obamacare

I had prepared some comments, but the ruling that came down from the supreme court was completely unexpected.

As I understand it, congress has the right to impose any tax they like in order to modify our behavior. Mayor Bloomberg has outlawed big gulp’s in NY following the same logic. Can congress now implement a tax on people that don’t eat broccoli? Can they impose a tax on those who don’t buy squiggly light bulbs?

When this law was pushed through congress, it was pitched as not being a tax. It likely would have gotten less votes if they had said it was a tax. So does this ruling by SCOTUS and Justice John Roberts also allow congress to lie in order to pass legislation?

This new tax on EVERY legal US resident is the largest tax increase in US history.

I wonder of the threats made by obama to the supreme court had anything to do with John Roberts’ decision?

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