Hyperbaric treatment for near drowning patients

Hyperbaric treatment, applying concentrated oxygen under pressure, has shown to be highly effective at helping various brain/nerve injuries, including stroke and multiple sclerosis.  Dr. Carol Henricks has a large, walk-in chamber at her neurology clinic in Tucson.  She has helped soldiers from across the country who have received head trauma restore some mobility to their limbs and coherence in their minds.  She has helped children and seniors improve tremendously as well.  To make a request for hyperbaric treatment, Click Here!

Hyperbaric treatment for near drowning patients

TUCSON – We’ve told you how life changing a near drowning can be. When a child nearly drowns, there’s been a lack of oxygen to the brain that often creates life-long cognitive and developmental problems… requiring special treatments. It happened to Ryan Thomas.

“Those 2 boys climbed over a six foot brick wall in the neighbor’s yard where there was a pool. And we don’t think they fell in,” his mom Angie explains. “We think they jumped in.”

The accident happened in January 2007 in Sierra Vista. Ryan was almost three.  He and a buddy were found floating unconscious.  Both boys were injured but Ryan was the worst off.  He spent 10 weeks in a Tucson hospital.

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