Americans on Obama’s Wasteful Spending

President Obama says spending taxpayer dollars on “green energy” projects in foreign countries is just fine, but the American people think differently. Now the Obama for America campaign is in full spin mode, trying to confuse the facts and justify behavior. But the truth is:

• Fisker got half a billion taxpayer dollars to build a luxury electric car in Finland, with the promise that soon they would start building a cheaper version in Delaware. But 2 years later, Fisker has fired most of the Delaware workers, and now there are only a few caretakers at the plant.

• Solar company SunPower was given a $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee a few weeks after announcing it was building a new plant in Mexico. Obama justifies his by saying SunPower also had a plant in California. But what he doesn’t tell you, is that SunPower is majority-owned by the French oil company Total.

• Tens of millions of dollars were spent on installing new “energy efficient” traffic lights… with parts mostly made in China. What happened to investing in America?

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