Patient Saves Time and Hassle Using MediBid, Healing Starts Now

Below is a testimonial sent by a MediBid patient, reprinted with permission. This person got a knee MRI and diagnosis for $410 through MediBid the same day, and was prescribed very simple treatment. Had this occurred under a single payer system, chances are the patient would have waited 6-13 months for an MRI, then several weeks for a reading, then several months to see a specialist.

Chances are the patient’s knee would have deteriorated to the point of needing a full replacement in that time. Instead, the patient can treat the disorder very simply and has avoided costly invasive surgery.

I make this illustration because under the traditional model of a medical tourism facilitator, this referral would probably not have happened, since there is no margin for the facilitator, however at MediBid our model works equally well for small procedures and large.

I’ve been hobbling around since New Year’s Eve, when I first noticed what seemed like a very pulled calf muscle.  Thought I had just stayed out too late and hiked around downtown Nashville too much, but it got progressively worse and within a few days, I couldn’t bend my knee.

After scouring the internet and calling my doctor, who happens to be Canadian, and visiting my chiropractor, who also happens to be Canadian, I decided to try what they advised and stay off the knee and ice it.

To be safe, I went down to the new imaging center and paid $27 for digital x-rays, provided on a disc and analyzed by the radiologist as inconclusive.  The good news was that nothing was broken.  They asked me to sign a HIPAA authorization, but I told them I don’t sign those things, which sent them into a tizzy.  They told me they couldn’t see me if I didn’t sign it, but when I repeated that back to them, they realized how silly that sounded, and decided I didn’t have to sign.

Now, two months later, I finally decided to get an MRI.  So, I called my chiropractor and asked if he could call in the order, since I don’t have an MD.  That was at about 12:30.  I compared cash prices on MediBid.com and was able to make a same-day appointment at 5:30 for $410, including the images on disc.  By 6:30, I was done and was on my way home with disc in hand.  How long did that take?

—- T. S. , Tennessee

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