Doctors Firing Patients

Mandatory Vaccinations

It sometimes takes years to develop new drugs, and have them approved, and sometimes even after the drugs are FDA certified, they are shown to have adverse, even fatal effects. Do pediatricians KNOW as a 100% CERTAINTY that there are no chances of ill effects from mandatory vaccinations? Are they able to point to conclusive medical evidence that mandatory vaccination always improves health and saves lives?

There are probably some vaccines that save lives, and really do have positive therapeutic value, but there are likely also some which have enough ill effects that people should have the right to oppose them. It is ok to oppose MANDATORY vaccination without being opposed to some vaccinations.

Doctors Firing Patients

By Filed under Physicians on February 24, 2012

Pediatricians fed up with parents who refuse to vaccinate their children out of concern it can cause autism or other problems increasingly are “firing” such families from their practices, raising questions about a doctor’s responsibility to these patients.

Medical associations don’t recommend such patient bans, but the practice appears to be growing, according to vaccine researchers.

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