Breaking the Waiting List Silence |

Many say that the government needs to control healthcare. They say that the government is the only entity with enough compassion to make decisions which regular people are too stupid to make. Many Canadians are too afraid to speak up lest the be “fired” by their doctor. In this system, only the politicians win, because they get to use the control of healthcare as a carrot/stick.

Breaking the Waiting List Silence |

Breaking the Waiting List Silence

I know how difficult it can be for a patient trying to navigate our public health care system in search of access to high quality care or some accountability for the lack thereof. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the doctors, nurses and other health care providers forced to work within the limits of this system.

A special boy from British Columbia named Walid is now recovering from surgery in a hospital south of the border. It’s a surgery he could not access in the Canadian health care system because of waiting lists that are two or more years. Walid’s mother Debbie, who is also a nurse, worked tirelessly to bring attention to his case before making the decision to leave the country to seek medical care. You can help break the waiting list silence by watching Walid’s story and passing on its message “No more waiting”.

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